How effective is your recruitment marketing?

Promote your employment
brand, engage passive talent,
and measure recruitment
investments with iCIMS Attract,
powered by Jibe.

In 2019, U.S. companies will spend more than $130 billion on recruitment marketing. Yet few, if any, employers systematically link their recruitment spend directly to key metrics such as cost-per-hire and time-to-hire. Employers struggle to engage candidates, evaluate career site performance KPIs, and focus on high-performing channels and activities that help them find and hire great talent, cost effectively.

There’s a better way.

iCIMS Attract enables employers to find, engage and drive top talent to compelling career sites optimized for Google and enabled by machine learning. Robust end-to-end analytics and dashboards link marketing investments to recruiting outcomes that improve time-to-fill and candidate-to-employee conversion rates.

Find, Engage, Manage & Measure

Improve your marketing ROI

Don’t throw money at job listings and hope for the best. Instead, use source-to-hire data and analytics that allow you to visualize and track ROI on recruitment marketing and adjust your advertising investments to find the best candidates first.

Attract candidates cost effectively

Bypass third-party job boards and reduce applicant drop off rates by using optimized job postings and machine learning to drive candidates to your career portal directly from their Google search.

Personalize the candidate experience

Engage job seekers and increase applicant volume with dynamically augmented user profiles that provide skill-matched job recommendations. Support diversity recruitment efforts by making it easy for US military service members and veterans to find relevant civilian jobs using their military occupational specialty codes. Deliver landing pages that speak directly to your candidates based on job type, industry, and more.

Make searching for jobs more intuitive

Eliminate missed opportunities and expose more jobs on your career site through user-friendly search and natural language context cues, using Google technology for optimization.

Stay on brand

Reimagine your career site look and feel consistent with your organization’s digital personality, using customizable templates that provide the consumer-like experience your candidates expect.

“Together with Jibe, iCIMS gives organizations an advantage of having greater insights, a more consistent experience, and improved efficiency when competing for talent.”
– Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research Partners

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